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4 Key goals of Catcation

What make us different

1. Charity Foundation

2. Cat Fun House

3. MarCatPlace

4. Metaverse

Cat Care

1. Charity Foundation

We advocate all Cats being treated equally, not just the ones we pet. Catcation will setup a foundation to promote “no abandon”, advocate foster concept and donate 1.5% of the sales proceeds to help the elderly and weak stray Cats and establish a research fund to support university research on cat behavior. Community members can vote for the charity organization to be supported. We hope that one day, all Cats can enjoy their life the way we do with our Cats besides us.


2. cat fun house

The theme of Catcation is to build a revolutionary cat lover club. Besides providing members with various benefits, we also want to promote the trend of traveling with cats. Therefore, building cat fun house is one of our goals. We plan to set up a chain of Cat fun house, which are cat friendly accommodation facilities in different Asian districts such as Taiwan and Japan. You can consider it a vacation hotel for both humans and cats, where you can even stay overnight with them. In Hong Kong, we will have places for gathering, like cat party room, where you can play and have close contact with cats. Visitors are welcomed to bring over their cats to spend time and play with them in our safe, fun, private and cat-friendly cat fun houses.



Facilities for cats

Facilities for cat lovers


Interaction with cats

Tech touch

Catcation Ecosystem

3. MarCatPlace

We will cooperate with different pet-related organizations to build up service network, covering medical services, cat supplies and cat-related product, providing discount and joint activities.

We will also establish our own brand to produce and sell different kinds of cat facilities, products, supplies and souvenirs such as cloths and toys etc. In the metaverse, we will personalize your cat to a cat avatar and present it in the form of NFT. Besides, we will also sell digital cat artwork and merchandise such as digital costume and accessories for your cat avatars for use in metaverse.

More Than That

4. Entry to Metaverse

The virtual world, or online world, has already become part of our life and we know cat lovers may not be satisfied in it without their cats’ company, so gradually we will construct virtual versions of cat facilities in tmetaverse. Our love for cats is borderless, and so do we perceive the human-cat interactions we want to create in the Catcation project. We would be more than delighted to offer cat lovers unprecedented experience with their cats in the Metaverse without geographic limitations.

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